14 Unit Tests which revise the corresponding units in New Headway 4 points for each correct answer. 4 Write the words. 1 a book. 2. New Pre-Intermediate Tests Lindsay White NE W pa ral lel tes ts 2 1 Great revise the corresponding unit in New Headway Pre-Intermediate Student's Book. You must not circulate this book in any other binding or cover and you must impose this 14 Unit Tests which revise the corresponding unit in New Headway .

New Headway Test Book

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New Headway Elementary. Test Booklet. This booklet contains. • 14 Unit Tests which revise the corresponding unit in New Headway. Elementary Student's Book. New Headway Intermediate Test. 47 Pages·· MB·17, Downloads. Headway English Course Intermediate Student's Book. • 3 Progress (1 point for. New headway Plus preintermediate tests English Book, English Grammar, Free Pdf .. New-Headway-Intermediate-Students-Bookx New Headway.

I 3 Circle the correct verb form in each sentence. Before I started training for the bike ride, I 11 eat new job. Aron Ralston, 27, went out for a one-day walk in a US national park and was trapped when heavy rocks fell on him. An lb kg so so many so much such rock, or boulder, moved and fell on his right arm. He had very little food with 1 Tom was frightened. The 3 Tom and Mary are interesting people.

Mr Ralston then climbed down the mountain and walked 10 5 You are beautiful! Finally, he found some other walkers 6 I made a good meal. There are two extra nouns. Use your own ideas or the notes about Young Frankenstein to help you.

Fish has been eaten in Britain, an island, for thousands of years. In the 17th century potatoes were brought from Latin America.

New Headway upper-Intermediate Tests

When he play, book, or film? Second, third, and fourth positions went to pizza Italian , duck Chinese , and curry Indian. The traditional way to eat fish and chips is to download them wrapped in paper and to eat them with salt and vinegar.

They used to be 8 Match the signs 1—8 with the places in the box.

People eat their fish and chips in the street or take them home — and some airport shop car park public car park toilet door bus people admit that they eat them in bed! No change given. Do not block. In the opinion funny, clever 17th century potatoes were brought from Latin America.

When he opened his fish and chip shop in London in it quickly became popular with working people who needed quick, filling meals. By the s there were 31, fish and chip shops in Britain and 1 Spanish is spoken here. Second, third, and fourth positions went to pizza 2 Please take your rubbish home with you. They used to be 4 We are looking for a qualified hairdresser.

Use the second conditional. What would you … a would download b will download c bought 1 do if you found an expensive watch? We have bought 2 Complete the second conditional sentences with the correct our tickets and packed our bags. Use your own ideas or these notes to help you, and five of these adverbs: Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, and Harold Ramis starred in the film, fortunately, quickly, quietly, then, too, or very.

This comedy film tells the story of three men who open a ghostbuster office. They are paid to go into haunted homes and offices to get rid of unwanted spirits and ghosts. The film tells the story of a young in Oklahoma girl who has a bad spirit living inside her. Her mother asked a vicar to 7 points divided between content and accuracy help her cure the girl. In this film, Bruce Willis plays the part of a doctor who looks after a young boy with behavioural problems.

A thrilling and leaves in two minutes. A Can I download my ticket first? The three films.

Sense S. I start next week. What would you … 2 Circle the correct letter. Can you come and get me? Use these notes to help upstairs you, and five of these adverbs: This comedy film tells the story of three men who 3 Just a minute. The film won 4 Same to you. The film tells the story of a young girl who has a bad spirit living inside her.

New Headway - Intermediate - Teacher's Book

Her mother asked a vicar to help her cure the girl. This frightening horror film won lots of awards 10 Complete the social expressions in the conversations. Conversation 2 1 Circle the correct letter. A Do you know who the third US President was? A I need the answer for my homework. A Hello. Britain and since then thousands of homeless people 7 form of the verbs in brackets.

Use the correct form of the verbs. They not live died yesterday.

Homeless people in decision. First, make some notes in the table. Lizzy Procter downloads and sells art in south east Asia. How did you get the job? Kensington English Language here five years ago. I went to meet them and they were all men. At first, I worked with only two women artists. Can I speak to Janet Nelson, please? Moving all the paintings is difficult but I enjoy the challenge.

I could work regular hours for a boss again. Do you want to leave a message? Do you know for five years. They not from the box. First, make some notes in the chart.

I arranged an 1 point for each correct answer 7 exhibition at a hotel in Bangkok. I was very nervous but lots of people came to look at the pictures and we sold all of them. The 10 Put the conversations in order. Since then, I have arranged an exhibition 1 Good afternoon. Since I have been organizing a yearly exhibition in Hong Kong.

Do you want to leave a 6 The paintings are sold in her shop. He is unmarried. Use the Past Perfect. There is one extra verb. Write the correct word in the correct sentence. No, travel by plane. See you tomorrow! Good luck in your exams. You must come to us next 7 Read the article.

The couple, who were both seventeen at the time, were separated when George 6 Bye! Have a great weekend. See you Monday. They wrote to each other every day for two At the end of … years but at the end of the war George returned to the US. George and Betsy both married other people but they never b an interview. In , four years after his wife had died, c a language course. George decided to search for Betsy through the Internet. It took him d a dinner party. I had never forgotten him.

They wrote to each other every day for two years 4 to a friend after a visit to the cinema but at the end of the war George returned to the US. When we met him at the airport, I was delighted — he looked exactly the 10 Match the goodbye sentences with the situations. You must come to us century but I knew immediately that I wanted to marry her. My only next year. We have both kept all 3 Goodbye. Review Test Units 1—7 1 Circle the correct letter. B Yes, I do. I … your suitcase for you.

What your name? I enjoy it. Write an email or a postcard to a friend. Tell them: He wrote his first book when he was fifteen and 6 How much do I owe you? She became famous two years 7 How are you finding your new job? When we met, I was working in a bar and Harriet was in her last year at college. She came 9 Can I help you?

We have 1 point for each correct answer 10 a normal life together because we met when we had nothing.

I jazz. Some things have changed since we both became famous 2 A you born? Yes, they gave they me freedom. But enough 3 They were both famous when they met. Exit Test Units 1—14 1 Circle the correct letter. He said he lived at number Write 50—80 go , not passengers. Remember to write your address and the date. It was a long journey.

When he wakes up the next day he finds that it is Groundhog B a I clue. Day — again. Peggy Sue has a seventeen-year-old body but the ideas of a forty-three-year-old.

Have science-fiction novel. He wants to go back in time to change the past but his machine takes him , years into the future. He discovers B Yes, have, actually. I that the human race is divided into two groups of people: In which film A, B, or C B Certainly.

Are the sentences true T A T3 Listen. Are the sentences true T A T5 Listen. A T2 Listen. A T9 Listen. Write short answers. A T 10 Listen. Listening tests Unit 11 The history of tea Unit 12 Who knows? Are the sentences true T A T 13 Listen. A T 11 Listen. A T 15 Listen.

New Headway - Elementary Test Booklet

A T 16 Listen. Can I try… 4 Sure.

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Do you need … 4 made; arrived 2 Yes. Do you need … 2 Yes. Can I try… 3 Thank you. There are some beautiful old buildings. Her father was an Italian ice-cream maker, and her mother was a factory worker. She was the girlfriend of punk I am interested in doing a language course at your school.

Could singer Eric Evil for six years, and then in she went to you give me some information about the price of a one-week Florence and studied Italian language and art for two years. She course?

I would also like to know what the class sizes are, and returned to London in and now she has a shop and gallery what the arrangements are for accommodation — do you have in Bond Street. New York. However, in the city there are lots of disadvantages. This 5 has to 9 Does … have to might be a problem if you have to look smart at work. Try it for a week — you might like it! David and I enjoyed it very much. We especially 6 such a good meal 11 so many people enjoyed our walk in the mountains on Sunday — it was very different from our usual Sundays in London!

Did I leave my mobile phone at your house? You must come and stay with us here in London soon. I thought that the film 3 gave up 6 puts on 9 try … on was clever and very funny.

Go and see it! Two women were seen walking quickly 2 2 was … made 5 made 8 have become out of the gallery with a very large suitcase, then witnesses said 3 was taken 6 changed 9 are worn they got away in a black BMW. Police tried to stop the car, but it 4 was used 7 wanted was travelling too fast.

Fortunately, the paintings were later found in a hotel in Oklahoma. Can I speak … 2 Hi, is Davina there? Thank-you letter 4 Could you take … Dear Natalia, 8 Thank you … Just a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful weekend.

Awakening the Third Eye

It was lovely to see you and your family again after so long. I had a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing you! Have a safe journey. I hope you have a 10 They told me that they could speak Spanish. See you at work tomorrow. And text me every day! I hope you have a good class next year! I prefer jazz. Yes, they were. But they gave me enough freedom.

She always thought she would 5 2 alarm clock 5 weight 8 took off like to meet her real mother, and so last year she decided to try 3 interesting 6 look after 9 secret and find her. It was really fun, and 2 anywhere warm 6 sightseeing 9 can we were so lucky with the weather.

We could visit some galleries and see a film. How about the 24th? And bring Ben with you …! Is that Jenny? Have you got a sore throat? Yes, I have, actually.

I could eat a horse! Do you want a double or a single? There are three other flats in the building. I I Is that true? What is it like? I thought it was all next time I see her. I flats. Poppy forgot the shopping list. I to me? I quite moved here when I got divorced. P Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes. Do we need anything else?

I get the ferry to work every day — it really M Yes, lots of things. I want some for the underground in Britain. How many? I Is it very polluted? E What drives me mad about my husband, M Get lots — enough for the whole week. The traffic off and concentrate on one thing. For P Orange juice … beer … milk. The boys eat too much transport is so good and cheap that you hate it when I speak to him and he says chocolate. I Is it an expensive place to live? I get really annoyed with M No.

Erin is a P Great. See you in about half an hour. M See you. E I hate it when he does that — he never takes me seriously. My big passion is music. I love singing — I G Now our grandparents are retired they go B But you always want to talk to me when belong to two choirs — you know, singing away for four months in the winter. Where do football she has this annoying habit of school concert. It drives me mad. Musical instruments … I can play the guitar big things like a home on wheels: The always get what I want in the end.

The surprised burglar repeated his F Is that how they keep in touch? Sending demand more loudly but Mrs Elliot still failed postcards? I think things Two hundred million cups are drunk but they never have their mobile phone will get worse, not better. Big HP Yes it is.

British people are world-famous received a message yet. In other countries, in road? G Not really. P Where did it come from originally? The story is that more than to be an engineer so he can mend it. My the future? His languages — her parents were refugees and think the future will be better. For example, I P So that was years ago.

How did it get F Have you ever thought about going with think there will be a world government. I think there will be was the Arabs and others think it was enough for all of us. They Portuguese in the 16th century. P Was it immediately popular? I Tell me about your job, Bella. Hello HP People liked it but it was very expensive. That means I Harriet fade Only very rich people could download it: I get a telephone call S1 Well, nowadays my life is quite good fun.

The rich people who could and I have to go to the school I enjoy doing. S2 For example? B I take over the class for a half a day, a day, walks, watching TV, things like that.

I teach them and do all the S1 I was a student! I trained about twenty years ago. I How many days week do you work? B It varies. Sometimes I go in every day, to It was exhausting but I managed to job because I want to save some money.

Why not? I my friends … things like that. A T9 The future of our world got fed up with being exhausted and poor I Will you live at home with your parents so I decided to leave and get a job with while you study law?

You know, after the summer and number is Silvana, are you an P Good morning. My first marriage ended in parts in your time. Before that I had been in some S Yes, I would.

D Yes, she is thirty years younger than me love has been serious theatre. Yes, I do serious things in the first wife used to make all the theatre in the evenings and I do films A T 13 A business trip arrangements for the children. I I see. Returning to your writing: Do you P And do you still sing and dance? SHW Only in my own home! How are you? D Indeed. It will be the story of a charming in the theatre for about 50 years. What about you? How are older man whose second wife is murdered films I usually play a typical English man — the kids?

Do you have get home. What have you been doing? A T 15 Review test My family any plans to stop working? I want to keep working for I have been able to see a bit of Warsaw. My father is the postman and he also was 70 and it was terrible — I sat at home her favourite places.

We went to a runs the local garage. My mum has a small and watched TV. T Yes, definitely. Two of them went away to the States and not finishing until 8 or 9 in the when they were in their twenties but they evening. I went to see them a couple of clean and comfortable — oh and the times when I was a student.

Check students are clear about the answer. Students work in pairs and say a sentence about where 2 This activity highlights the pronunciation of each language is spoken. Play the recording and get your students to read and Check the answers. If necessary,drill the pronunciation listen very carefully to the pronunciation of can and of the countries and languages in pairs, especially where can't. First, ask generally Can you hear diflerences? If necessary, repeat the sentences yourself, exaggerating there is a change in stress, e.

Play the recording again and get students to repeat chorally and individually. They also speak French in Switzerland, Belgium,and some 3 Focus attention on the sentence stress in the positive partsof Africk and negativesentences. Drill the sentences and then get students to practise in pairs.

Reference 6. TheyspeakGerman in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. They speak Italian in Italy and Switzerland. They speak in Portugal,Brazil, Angola, and Mozambique. Students continue to work in pairs or small groups. If you have a small group, allow each student to tell the rest of the class about their language skills. If you have a big group, select just a few students to feed back, but make sure you choose different students at the next feedback stage, so that evenone gets a chance. Unit 6 Can you speak English?

The sentences are produced below in phonetic script. Pre-teachtcheck cook, and drive. Ask students to listen and write in the answers. Then ask them to check their answers with a partner. Play the recording swim d again as you conduct a h l l class feedback.

They could read the tapescript on pl17 of their books as you do this. I can't drive acar,but 4 They can ski, but they can't swim. I want to have lessons soon. I can't speak FrenchbutIan 6 'Can she drive? My mother's ttalian, and weoften go to Italy. Although this is a recognition esercise, you can make it productive by ashns your students to read some of the My mother's a really good c d , she can cook really well, not sentences aloud to each other. I just Tina can't cook. Can you? What about sports?

I think I'm good at 1 This again is a recognition exercise that moves into a production stage. This time the recording is much more quite a lot of sports. I can play tennis, and ski, sometimes we natural-sounding, not being a series of sentences for dictation, but a girl talking about her abilities. Of course I can use a column in the chart. Play the recording. Put students into pairs to compare their answers. Then computer - all my friendscan. Let students listen again if necessary. Students complete column 2 of the chart about themselves.

Practise the questions in the Student's Book in open and closed pairs. Yes, I can.Brighton has theatres and cinemas. A B 1 read money 2 play a magazine 3 go chess 4 book skiing 5 watch a hotel 6 change a video 2 points for each correct answer 6 Complete the everyday expressions.

Students complete column 2 of the chart about themselves. Students then match the sentences to the pictures and write the appropriate sentence f veryday English Language useful for making phone calls number in the boxes provided in the pictures.

Write questions and answers. I was very nervous but lots of people came to look at the pictures and we sold all of them.