Blank Space by Taylor Swift (Chords & Lyrics). [Key] F [Solo] D minor Pentatonic [ Capo] 5th Fret. [Verse] C Am F G [Chorus] C Am Dm F. [Verse 1]. Nice to meet. Blank Space Lyrics - View lyrics for Blank Space by Taylor Swift | Lyrics PDF | Download lyrics for free!. Lyrics to "Blank Space" song by Taylor Swift: Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things Magic, madness, heaven, sin Saw.

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Lyrics to 'Blank Spaces' by Taylor Swift. Nice to meet you, where you been? / I could show you incredible things / Magic, madness, heaven, sin / Saw you there. Original lyrics of Blank Space song by Taylor Swift. Explore 40 Find more of Taylor Swift lyrics. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Comment. Taylor Swift - Blank Space (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Nice to meet you, where you been / I could show you incredible things / Magic, madness, heaven.

Taylor Swift heralded acclaim and quickly launched Swift's career in the country music industry.

In the United States, the album topped the Top Country Albums Chart for twenty-four non-consecutive weeks and was certified five times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for sales of over five million copies. The self-written content of her popular lyrics were romantically inspired —touching on the gain and loss of her youthful romantic encounters. Here are 14 songs written about you. Taylor Swift.

Lyrics for Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Swift's firm, pleading voice. But when the media began connecting her presumably nonfictional lyricism to the paparazzi photography of Swift arm-in-arm with famous men, the same songwriting reviewed as prodigious also earned her a star image of being a clingy psychopath who man-eats, serial dates, and includes not so subtle clues about the mysterious identities of the high profile male subjects in her songs.

Speak Now. Big Machine Record. Swift performed characters in her music videos with impeccable American feminine purity: like a Southern belle heartbroken and crying on her acoustic guitar in Teardrops On My Guitar, a fairy-tale princess standing over a castle balcony singing to her Romeo in Love Story, and even the makeover narrative beginning as a band geek on the bleachers and blossoming into the beautiful prom queen kissing her handsome boyfriend in You Belong With Me.

With this data in consideration, it is clear that Swift and her people knew exactly what was required to successfully uphold what Dyer refers to as the promotion, publicity and film aspects of her star image. Fluency in those three did not translate to the other two variables of the star image - criticism and commentary.

For Taylor, 15 means falling for a boy and dreaming of marrying him. You stay away from Michael J. Swift was reported saying: …the fact that there are slide shows of a dozen guys that I either hugged on a red carpet or met for lunch or wrote a song with.

In Stars, Dyer argued that star images are not fixed. They have a temporal dimension. Structured polysemy does not imply stasis; images develop or change over time…the star image is a complex totality and it does have a chronological dimension. Taylor Swift is a young woman who dates guys, falls in love, falls out of love, and writes some songs about it. Must we begrudge Swift her muse? In the same broadcast, she debuted the first single off her official pop album, Shake It Off.

From , every aspect throughout the range of media texts that framed her star image had obvious ties to country music. Using her birth year as an icon to launch her star image rebirth, Swift released her fifth album the following October in With a career jeopardizing reinvention, Swift leaned on Blank Space as a blank slate and successfully remodeled her star image from the ground up and her bold bravery was met with fortune.

I learned the lyrics in a snap one. Easy song but I understand it very much. I had told my sister shell understand it when she is older and I will tell her what the song really means. I just told it means friendship which is not true it's about a lot of things that can't explain.

Really at first I thought it was about when she first met this guy. Well not my answer is totes different from my answer any who. That's all I can really say but it's really awesome and I love it super triple super actually much but I know thousands of people who hate this song like my cousin Dez. This song has nothing to do with her past relationships or anything like that, this song is about how the world is seeing her for something that she's not.

In an interview, Taylor Swift said that she got the inspiration for this song from the anime, "Death Note", hence the lyrics "I've got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name. The rest of the lyrics seem to refer to the plot of Death Note. She is telling every guys around that she had enough experiences with sex that she can fulfill all of young men's dreams. Taylor Swift has a blank space means she want him black to be satisfied and preferably with a big desire.

That's the Kantian paradox of every girl. Everyone is saying this song isn't about Taylor swift and as I read lyrics over and over they might be right bit what do I know to me this song isn't really about anything except she's trying ask people to stop looking in magazines because you wont find the truth and that's also what she means by her song "Shake it off" because she can't make the media stop but she has to deal with it in her own way personally I agree with Taylor theirs rumors and everything gonna go around but you have to make the best of it.

I related to the song cause I had a boyfriend he's handsome, hot, and chicboy. I know that he's a chicboy but I answer his question if we can have a relationship. I said "yea" and after our 3rd monthsary were break cause I thought that he had another girl and now he said again to me if we can back our relation but I say to him "no!

And after 1 month he told me again if we can back our relationship and I say again "no" but after that we had a date he treat me like a princess and he say to me that he wait for my answer again to be his girlfriend and after a 5 or 6 years he told me that he had a new girlfriend and it's beautiful sexy smart girl that day I want to say "yes" to him but he had a new girlfriend so I walk out after saying to girl that she had a nice catch and I only say to the boy that he have to respect his girlfriend, that's all.

The song tells that she needs the true love in she is searching in every boy and she is having a blank space for her real and true love to whom she can trust for her whole life n as she was in searh she notice that boys are playing games with her relationship! This song basically makes fun of the media and what they think of Taylor, for example writing about every boy, getting in loads of relationships. I don't think it's really about someone for her. She's trying to portray a vicious cycle - You look like my next mistake, I can make the bad guys good for a weekend, Be that girl for a month, and other lines.

She wants to tell you about her boy friends who broke up with her and she wants you to know boys are mean and cranky and they never want to support you they cheat and text other women when their already dating someone and she wants you hear all her break up songs and know all the boy friends she has dated in for ever and ever she never wants you to end up how she is and that's why she started to date girls.

The song is not about the media stereotype of the crazy bitch who lures men. Notice blank space means fill in the next name of the long list of heartbreaks she's experienced.

It is about a woman who actually is in full control everything from whoing how to lure the type of dangerous men she is attracted to the mistake types and the timetable she sets one month before the emotions sets in. He needs to decide to go all in or get out now. If any distrust sets her off he will realize to full extension of what she feels inside. She's not crazy. What we see in the video are her the physical equivalent of how she feels inside and she won't suffer alone in this.

That is very true.

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She is keeping a blank space fro the one that truly loves her personality. Right now she has a tie between take me to church and blank space. This is the best song for someone who only has a guy that plays her or that needs a true guy. This song can be for other people that have to deal with a break up or with another guy they would fall in love with but they know its gonna be their next mistake again and deal with him.

This is just likely to be a song for a person that falls in love with another guy as I said. People have problems with the people they like or fall in love with. Basically its about love and having someone be yours but you'd know its just like the same relationship you had back in the past. The meaning of this song is that she has a blank space for someone and once she gets a good friend or boyfriend probably a boyfriend they cheat or do something wrong to her.

So how she gets the anger and pain out if from writing songs. I think it's satirical on the way she is portrayed in the media. The part of the song when she says: This this theory is made all the more plausible by the fact that she has recently released a song about the 'haters' hating.

Obviously this is all just my opinion.

Refering to the video, she does not get cheated on but drives the boys out in a way. At first she is anything they want, then after a month she is what they don't want. Then the kiss. Then they run away. And then it starts all over with the next one. Blank space is not just about her past relationships but also the media of what they think about her and what they think of how she loves about a single person and just not the media but also all the parodies of her songs cause when I saw it, it was like she was really crazy about her boyfriends like a devil or something but I really think that she is a kind person but she just wrote that because of them but maybe in the future that she can move on about all of her relationships and start making a nice and peaceful song just like her past songs not like this song.

Blank space refers to the blank line in a contract. A contract for your soul. This song is written with the intention of speaking for the devil. Take Taylor out of the picture and in vision Satan singing the song. He's trying to tell you all he can do for you, but pain is in the price.

Just like Katy Perry's "Dark Horse". It's another song introducing you and lure you to Satan. That is why they both speak of magic, black magic. It's about death note from the main females view, Misa I think I her name. Blank space refers to the empty pages of the book, the list of ex's happens to be all detectives, and followed by an empty threw to write the name down.

Reading like a magazine is reference to the Shimigami eyes, able to how long a person has left and their name. To actually use the book you need a persons name and face to avoid people with same names.

Misa had these eyes. The line they'll tell you I'm insane is about L who had major accusations against her for being kira 2. And judging by the line it'll be forever or go down in flames, it was wrote before the show came to an end. Verse 2 describes Misa's appearance and attire. Your the king I'm your queen is Misa's feelings for light Yagami the main character of the show.

Verse 1 look at that face, again a reference to the show needing a face to use the book followed by you look like my next mistake key term for next victim. I could keep going but many of you will probably look this up and the song will never be the same.

I don't think she is actually trying to prove a point but to try and fit the picture society has painted for her. This song is basically a call out to everyone saying that she will do anything to keep her career alive and please her fans.

But I would also like to say that she has lost a nice quantity of her fans by this sell-out song of hers. Her songs used to speak out to people and relate to their problems but this is entirely about a Taylor Swift problem. Society expects too much from people and nobody sees anything wrong with it.

Taylor is not crazy but it shows that she been through many things in life and can't handle them don't jus judge a person by their cover you hav to see and kno that they are really not crazy or not but they are people who knows what they are and how they feel about their selves and if they actually do what they say they do or if that they look how they look but every one should kno Taylor is not crazy.

Taylor Swift is saying in the song that she used have a blank space in her heart for a guy who would treat her right and not cheat on her like the other guys did.

artist:Taylor Swift

When he cheats on her again, then she once again has a blank space, or basically a empty hole in her heart, and needs to find another guy that will really treat her right. I don't believe Blank Space is about the portrayal of a crazy bitch who lures men or the stereotype of the crazy girlfriend. I think the song is highly sarcastic notice blank space is the fill in the blank for the next guy.

She also clicks her lips a gesture to mean sarcasm.

I believe she is a woman in full control of the relationship so despite her attraction to fast and dangerous men she takes the chance that if they blow it after a month in when the emotions are involved it will be just as difficult situation for him as it is for her. Her alluring ways in the beginning of Oh My God who is this chick to omg get me out of this now shows how things can suddenly change if trust is betrayed.

I think this song is about Taylor Swift's way of mocking the exaggerated portrayal the media has on her, playing into the character that's been made up. Poor girl can't go on a coffee hangout without others without the media thinking she's with the person. You would have to have talks with the person before getting to know them.

Taylor "So I'd love to hang out with you later today, however, the paparazzi are probably going to be out and about I'm more of a tea person. This is about a song of a girl who has had many boyfriends and all or most if them have cheated or just straight out left her and when she gets angry with them she goes crazy so all of her ex-boyfriends call her insane.

Every time a new one comes she does the same routine dinner, painting pictures of the men, horse back riding, ect. That is why as you can see in her music video for this song she has a I those pictures in her hallway of all her past boyfriends.

Overall I think that this is a wonderful song and hopefully Taylor has many more for us! Write about your feelings and thoughts about Blank Space Know what this song is about?

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Write song meaning. Sign up or log in with. Post meaning. Top meanings Post my meaning U. Blank space is not about any of her past relationships, or her "trust issues", this song isn't even Blank space is not really about Taylor Swift or her relationships but about the media and what they More Taylor Swift lyrics.

New Romance. You R In Love. Down To The Mountain.

Lyrics for Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Bad Blood Remix. Somebody To Hold.

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I was honestly quite discontent that my assignment was to find problems in our culture when we have already have got enough to deal with, so why go out and find more to add to our list of things to fix?

Must we begrudge Swift her muse?

Blank Space

Thanks for correcting Taylor Swift - Blank Space lyrics! Aplicaciones y plugins. If anything, she is precisely what we imagine the face of pop music to be; she is doll perfect and upbeat … her voice is clear and bright, but not extraordinary.