It's a complicated field, journalism. With so many media swirling about a constantly evolving technological milieu with so many stories to tell and thoughts to. Need recommendations for both fiction and nonfiction books by a journalist or about journalism to fulfill the Read Harder Challenge task?. This list of books will give you a sense of what is happening in journalism, why it's happening and what might come next.

Book On Journalism

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Books of Media and journalism. The year's notable books about journalism , media and internet. Go to the profile of Filip Struhárik. A list of 21 new journalism books you should read in , such as Working, Breaking News and Killing Journalism. The best books on Journalism. recommended by Toby Young. Interview by Alec Ash. The journalist and author praises tabloid hacks, lambasts Johann Hari.

Zinsser is a nonfiction author but his message still rings true for all writers: A great book for journalists in the Internet age.

Hane interviews journalists who adeptly navigate the Web to find sources, information and documents to strengthen their stories. You can still find some gems of wisdom in there.

When I was cutting my teeth at the school newspaper in college, I got to know the education writer at the daily newspaper, the San Antonio Express-News , and he suggested this book.

He said it helped him learn about digging up records and finding sources.

Reference books help create a framework around your topic. They can help guide you in asking the right questions. Reference books can help researchers become more efficient database searchers - in formulating which keywords or search terms to use. Scholarly reference books also contain bibliographies!! In a nutshell Subject headings to explore: Here are some awesome books to get you started on your research topic.

Please note: E-Books are restricted to current TRU students, staff and faculty. Article databases contain information about articles, and often include the full-text of the articles as well. While searching our discovery service will find articles for you, databases allow you do more controlled and precise searching. AskAway use chat box at left for live help, when available.

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Search this Guide Search. Scholarly collection includes critical information from a broad range of disciplines, including political science and public administration, language and literature, communications, business administration, biological and medical sciences, computer sciences, engineering, education and history.

LexisNexis Academic This link opens in a new window. Contains over 17, business, legal and news sources. Canadian Press Website. Produces award-winning stories, photos, graphics, and audio and video, this resource is Canada's multimedia news agency, jointly owned by three of Canada's best known and most respected media companies.

With an international scope this book is the ultimate guide of materials for journalists and researchers. This book lists bibliographies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, commercial databases and internet sources, directories, yearbooks, handbooks, manuals, career guides, stylebooks, and societies and associations relevant to the field of journalism. A great place to look for just about anything in the field of Journalism!

Books to Get You Started. Why Reference books?


Catalogue Search Use the following terms in a subject search to find related items in the library catalogue. Books to Get You Started Here are some awesome books to get you started on your research topic.

Defines terms and communication theories used in Marketing, Broadcasting, and the Media. It has a United Kingdom focus. Cates Call Number: PN C38 Main Library Stacks. Freedom of the press: F74 Main Library Reference.

Each country's press is evaluated on a variety of categories to assess whether or not that country's press is considered "free", "partly free", or "not free". A83 Main Library Reference. The Canadian Press stylebook: Chapters include: Canadian Press policies, legal information libel , illustrating the news, tips for the working journalist as well as grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc….

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M47 Main Library Reference. Intended to assist UPI reporters, analysts and editors write clearly. Outlines the styles for writing for broadcast, television news, courts, science, and business stories.

Also covered are chapters on ethics and libel. Encyclopedia of American journalism by Stephen L. Vaughn, editor Call Number: Organizing and writing long, in-depth stories in a way that keeps readers engaged is a challenge. Blundell, who worked at the journal, shows you how they do it. Find telling details … weed clutter from your prose … grab readers and never let go … these are the simple messages preached by Cappon, a retired editor for the Associated Press.

5 Of The Best Books About Journalism

Students should read this wonderful book to learn how to get a story right. Similar to Cappon, Zinsser preaches the value of the concise sentence and the precise word. A great book for journalists in the Internet age.

Hane interviews journalists who adeptly navigate the Web to find sources, information and documents to strengthen their stories.And this book shows them exactly how to go about compiling, printing and promoting. Social science general : Media studies Journalism used to be a thing.

Read Harder: A Book by a Journalist or About Journalism

Publisher The New York Times: But no one in Afghanistan plays cricket…no one except for Rukhsana. And then exposed the subhuman conditions in which people were depositing their mentally sick loved ones, calling for drastic change in the name of social justice. War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence by Ronan Farrow Farrow, the Pulitzer Prize—winning journalist who was one of the journalists responsible for breaking the Harvey Weinstein story earlier in , draws on his firsthand experience in the State Department working for diplomat Richard Holbrooke to argue that diplomacy as a legitimate and valuable tool in foreign policy and statecraft has fallen by the wayside.

How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis In this quintessential photojournalism work, Jacob Riis chronicled the squelching poverty and struggles of immigrants and other marginalized peoples in s America.

The Best American Sports Writing