Stephen King Doctor Sleep Shining – 2 Stephen King DOCTOR SLEEP A novel We stood at the turning point. Half-measures availed us nothing. –The Big Book. Read Doctor Sleep PDF by Stephen King Online eBook - Published by Gallery Books ISBN: Listen to Doctor Sleep AUDIOBOOK. Read "Doctor Sleep A Novel" by Stephen King available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Soon to be a major motion picture.

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Read "Doctor Sleep Shining Book 2" by Stephen King available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first download. An epic war between good. Doctor Sleep (German Edition). Stephen King . As I passed my children's bedroom, my two year old started screaming and crying in her sleep. I am about. Results 1 - 16 of Doctor Sleep: Roman. by Stephen King | Oct 28, out of 5 stars 9, · Hardcover · $$ $ shipping. Only 4 left in.

Durch den sich unterscheidenden Grundkonflikt kann aber nicht von einer billigen Kopie des eigenen Schaffens die Rede sein. Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir uns die Freigabe von beleidigenden oder falschen Inhalten bzw.

Stephen King, in Portland, Maine, geboren, ist einer der erfolgreichsten amerikanischen Schriftsteller. Seine Werke erscheinen im Heyne-Verlag.

Doctor Sleep

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Dann melden Sie sich zu unserem kostenlosen Buchentdecker-Service an! Stephen King Doctor Sleep Roman. Bestellen Sie mit einem Klick: In den Warenkorb. Aus dem Amerikanischen von Bernhard Kleinschmidt. She slowly and unintentionally establishes a telepathic bond with Dan; as she grows, the contact becomes more conscious and voluntary, and her shining grows stronger than his.

One night, Abra psychically witnesses the ritual torture and murder of a boy by the True Knot, a group of quasi-immortals, many of which possess their own "shine" abilities, who wander across the United States and periodically feed on "steam", a psychic essence produced when the people who possess the shining die in pain. The True Knot's leader, Rose the Hat, becomes aware of Abra's existence and formulates a plan to kidnap Abra and keep her alive, so she can produce a limitless supply of steam.

The True Knot begin to die off from measles contracted from their last victim; they believe that Abra's steam can cure them. Abra asks for Dan's help, and he reveals his connection with Abra to her father David and their family doctor, John Dalton. Angry and skeptical at first, David starts to believe Dan and agrees to go along with his plan to save Abra. With the help of Billy Freeman, one of Dan's friends, they foil and kill a raiding party sent by Rose, led by Rose's lover Crow Daddy; however, Dan realizes that Rose will relentlessly hunt Abra for revenge.

He visits Abra's great-grandmother Concetta, who is dying of cancer, and telepathically learns from her that he and Abra's mother Lucy are half-siblings with the same father. As Concetta dies, Dan takes her diseased steam into himself.


Meanwhile, dissension in the ranks of The True Knot, along with Rose's obsession with Abra, leads to the group splitting up, leaving Rose with even fewer followers. Following another kidnapping attempt that Abra foils with Dan's telepathic help, she baits Rose into confronting her at the location where the Overlook Hotel once stood in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, now home to a campsite owned by the True Knot.

Dan and Billy travel to the site, while Abra helps them by using her astral projection. Lying in wait, Dan releases the steam collected from Concetta to the remaining group of True Knot members, killing all of them.

He frees the ghost of Horace Derwent to kill the last member, Silent Sarey, waiting to ambush him and Abra, and the two fight Rose in a long psychic struggle.

This one was about "a cat in a hospice that knows when people are going to die.

He would go into that patient's room and curl up next to them. And I thought, that's a good advertisement for death, for the emissary of death. I thought, 'I can make Dan the human equivalent of that cat, and call him Doctor Sleep.

What else do you need, really? Dark vs light, colorful baddies vs our everyman and everygirl. And that is indeed enough. But it is not all that King uses.

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He gives us a look at how people can really help people overcome, or at least handle their problems. When asked, in the NPR interview, whether his AA depictions were from personal experience, King says that the second part of AA stands for Anonymous, so he declined to offer a yes or no, however You could say, having read these two books and knowing that I was a very heavy drinker at the time that I wrote "The Shining," and I haven't had a drink in about 25 years now - you could draw certain conclusions from that…I've done a lot of personal research in these subjects.

And the wisdom one can find in AA permeates the novel, from the importance of recognizing that we need help from others, to accepting our past and dealing with it, a very strong, serious element. King sets the time of the events by referring to external realities, like who the president is, calls on contemporary cultural references, such as a mention of the Sons of Anarchy and a Hank Wiliams Jr song.

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He also mentions a variety of other writers in his travels, some approvingly, John Sandford, George Seferis, Bernard Malamud, Bill Wilson some not so much the authors of the Twilight and Hunger Games series, and Dean Koontz and Lisa Gardner, although he may merely be playing with the latter two. It has been my experience with reading Stephen King that his conclusions sometimes offer a poor partner to the journey one takes in reaching them.

That is much less the case here.

The ending is not an alien spider disguised as Tim Curry with bad fashion sense or alien young playing with humans in a ham-fisted manner.

And the journey is indeed fun.

But I had some gripes. King gives Dick Hallorann a cameo here, which was fine, and the strongest of those.

Tony returns for a look-see but goes alarmingly quiet at crucial moments. We could have used a lot more about Tony other than the weak explanation that is offered near the end.

If the True Knot are so bad-ass, how come there are so few of them? There is an explanation offered of prey-predator stability of numbers, but I found that unpersuasive. And why the hell introduce view spoiler [Jack if he is not going to be a part of the action? Sequels present a danger. One of the things that is stimulating about any book, any story is newness.Field of Prey. He moved some of the crap around.

Also, Danny, you want to be a little bit farther down the road from your last drink before you show up there askin for a job application form. Dead fingernails scratching on wood. Pulls like a sonofabitch. Sunlight shot through them and into his aching head, threatening to set his brains on fire.