Just a picture -- macrame key-chains, often made with parachute cording, after removing the center-core. Cute idea for stocking stuffer gift. BlueLegacyDesigns. Learn how to make paracord projects like bracelets & slings, braid decorative Celtic knots, bushcraft skills and more, with the best books & free videos. Why a Paracord eBook? I kept getting asked the same questions over and over again and that told me that there was info you wanted to know. I get asked.

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"Guide to Paracord" gives you the complete step-by-step instructions for 14 different paracord projects. Learn how to make belts, bottle holders, tie knots and . KNOTS. An illustrated practical guide to the essential knot types and their uses. Andrew Adamides Sheet Bend, 24 – The Carrick Bend, 26 – Fisherman's Knot. Four Strand Round Braid Loop-Knot Necklace. If paracord, or parachute cord, is a hobby or business and you wish to make paracord crafts, then.

Backbone Bar Paracord Guild This bracelet uses a single colour of cord that creates a backbone-like design that is surrounded by a series of framing spit knots. As it is wider and contains a series of complex knots, this is one design that can pack a decent amount of cordage around your wrist. Wide Side Step Paracord The Wide Side Step bracelet looks very much like two bracelets woven together, but in actuality, it is two coloured strands woven together in one process to create one of the wider designs out there.

Because of its girth, wearers will have two three and a half metre strands of paracord available to them if needed.


By weaving the red coloured strand within the blue, this bracelet looks strikingly like the unique striations found on a lobster tail. Serpent River Bar Paracord Guild Unlike most bracelets, the Serpent River Bar does not have a solid edge, but features a wavy, fluid pattern that gives it a unique look. However, one of the best features is that it is reversible.

The main side features waves, but the reverse side looks similar to a heart pattern. Rasta Paracord GuildRasta, mon! While this design showcases your Rastafarian pride, in essence, it is a four-colour Fishtail design that can be modified to use whatever four colours that you desire.

Caged Solomon Get Knotted Paracord The Caged Solomon takes a simple Cobra weave and ends up weaving in a different colour to give it a pleasant talon-like striation, but the increased difficulty in this weave comes at its tricky finishing point.

This is another design that uses type one paracord and a dowel rod to create a round design. Not only does this interweave look good, but you will also have three different strands of about two metre paracord at your disposal in the wild. Double Stairstep Stitch Like the easier single Stairstep design, this bracelet takes things to the next level by adding another Stairstep within a Stairstep on top of a basic Cobra design.

Guide to Paracord

Want to make things even harder? Try using two colours.

Heart Stitched Paracord GuildWant to literally wear your heart on your sleeve? This design uses a base Cobra weave and uses type one paracord to stitch intricate alternating hearts within it.

It is as romantic a gift as one could hope to receive from a paracord weaver, too. However, because this uses a three cord system the difficulty of this weave comes in how tricky it is to set up properly. Hanging Bridge Bored ParacordUnlike other close knit weave designs, the Hanging Bridge creates a more loose knit design between strands that lends to its name, because it looks like a hanging rope bridge right on your wrist. Building Blocks Using two unique colours, the Building Blocks design looks like building blocks stacked on top of each other.

However, upon closer inspection, the big building blocks are actually made out of other smaller building blocks, too. Paralix Weavers of EternityThe Paralix pattern looks similar to a DNA helix design and is created by intricately weaving two colours of paracord. While it looks simple at a glance, creating this can be fairly difficult to get right. Thin Line Paracord GuildAs a variation of the Cobra design, the Thin Line bracelet adds in a thin strand of colour, making it a popular design for police officers, EMTs, military personnel, and anyone with a specific colour-coded cause that they want to represent.

Mad Max Paracord GuildMade popular after being seen in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, the Mad Max style is actually just a simple Cobra bracelet, but what makes it so unique is the closing design that also allows the bracelet to be tightened and loosened as needed.

Pulsar Bar Using two deeply contrasting colours, the Pulsar, or Binary, Bar is used to create a repeating pattern reminiscent of the binary code of ones and zeros. It is a way to rep your nerd pride without looking too bad while doing it. Checkered Bored ParacordWhat is more alluring than the classic checkerboard pattern? However, while pretty standard, it is a pretty time intensive weave to pull off.

Snake Paracord GuildUsing one or two colours fused together, the Snake design allows you to get a unique bracelet where it looks like the paracord is swallowed into each other in a round design similar to that of a snake.

However, while you can also clip things onto the loops of this bracelet, the loops are more compact and less likely to snag. Tomahawk Sinnet Weavers of Eternity Although thin, the Tomahawk Sinnet is fairly thick in girth with a pattern that features one colour essentially framing a zig-zag pattern in the center.

Pokemon GO This is one of those designs that is more awesome than it is useful. However, by using a series of Cobra weaves as well as a few other items to help with the shaping, you will create a bracelet that is the envy of other bracelets. It also shows that you want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

101 Paracord Project Ideas

Star Wars Kylo Ren Lighsaber Weavers of Eternity Following the wave of Star Wars mania, this bracelet allows you to embrace your dark side with a Kylo Ren style lightsaber design made out of a series of different coloured Cobra weaves. This bracelet uses a four strand weave of red and white with a little extra detail work using microcord to replicate the eyes.

Bane's Cuff Weavers of Eternity Extra wide and using six strands of cord, this is the widest of the wide bracelets and is right to be called a cuff rather than a bracelet. Sanctified Thick, wide, and labour-intensive — creating this design takes a lot of work, but is so worth it.

The highlight of the bracelet is the chainmail style endless falls in the center, but with the addition of microcord accents, the design is given further interest to the eye. A footwear you can make out of paracord is so much lighter than what you can download at stores. You can even repurpose your old footwear with this paracord idea.

Cow Hitched Paracord Pouch Carry your water bottle with ease in your very own paracord pouch.

Learn how to in this video from Knot Natural. This DIY headband is both beautiful and practical.

25 Paracord Projects, Knots, And Ideas To Make On Your Own

Got time for one more? Paracord projects and ideas which can be very handy around the homestead. This is definitely one homesteading skill you should consider getting good at. Which of these paracord projects will you give a try this weekend? Box Knot. Cross Knot.

74 DIY Paracord Bracelet Tutorials

Flower Knot. Hunter's Bend. Adjustable Bend. Bugle Cord. Diamond Knot. Ring of Coins. Bowline One-handed. Poldo Tackle. Wall Knot.

Solomon Bar. Cloud Knot. Double Looped Knot. Harbin Knot. Maedate Knot. Plafond Knot.

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Quick Rope Shackle. Two-color Solomon Bar. Triskelion Knot. Keyhole Weave technique. Pentaradial Knot.Now holding onto that, cut that length off your ft of cord.

Using two colours, weavers get a bracelet that is compact and has a pattern that is beautifully framed by its paired colour.

By using two different colours of type one paracord, the 2-Colour Hansen bracelet creates a complex looking design similar to the much more difficult Gaucho style of bracelet. Well why not combine or first two loves? One Strand Weave One Strand WeaveAs a modification to the Woven Plait design, this bracelet looks similar to the aforementioned Simple Laced design, but it actually created using one long piece of paracord.