The Five C's is one of the most widely respected books on filmmaking ever Close-ups, Composition- Mascelli offers filmmakers a detailed and practical course. cessful cinematographer. Reading the script of THE FIVE C's was for me both interesting and thought provoking. I hope you find this book as stimulating and. Article by STEWART REDWINE The Five C's of Cinematography by Joseph V. Mascelli I n the technological Xanadu we video producers know as the present.

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Joseph Mascelli, THE FIVE C's OF CINEMATOGRAPHY. "Composition". INTRODUCTION Good composition is arrangement of pictorial elements to form a. Joseph v. Mascelli - The 5 C's of Cinematography - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or The Five C's of Cinematography - Motion Picture Filming Techniques. [Free] The Five Cs Of Cinematography Motion Picture Filming Techniques Joseph V Mascelli [PDF]. [EPUB] -. THE FIVE CS OF CINEMATOGRAPHY MOTION.

Make sure you are in the story-telling, without bothersome distractions. The making images that look good to your audience, and above all prime purpose of a motion picture, whether theatrical fiction else, serve the story.

The Sixth C In closing, there is a sixth C of Cinematography I would like This entire chapter breaks down the nuts and bolts of pho- to mention: When you are in the process of shoot- tographing action in such a way that it makes sense on screen. After all, none of us video producers are making other book. As you continue to strive to be the best you can be take the time to compliment others on their own 3. Cutting successes along the way. The sixth C of Cinematography may just be the most important.

Make sure you Cut on the action. This simple axiom of editing works every compliment others whenever you can. Mascelli — - Silman James Press Remember this. You are the one putting one shot after the other.

What do you want the specific Written by Stewart H. Stewart H. Close-Ups where he lives with his wife and two children. Recently, someone who had seen the short film content produced by Christ in Youth where I work as a producer had only one question for me about our vid- eos.

Did they want to know who shot it? They wanted to know what camera we used.

If you think what camera you shoot on is the answer to great way to film the subject — but seem unable to explain just videos, then I challenge you with this. Go make a big pile of how they do it. Maybe radio ad sales, or invent an alternative energy source for fossil fuels.

Once you have the Almost 50 years after the publishing of these words I want cash, you can download the very best camera. Mascelli that he succeeded in explaining make the best videos, right?

He did this by ex- people do. Since this is the case, there is really only one thing you plaining everything about cinematography in five categories that need to tell great stories with the videos you produce, YOU. In an effort to serves the story. I want to share Joseph V. A good starting book for Cinematography. Mar 16, Jordan Harland rated it it was amazing.

Read in film school many years ago. Still a book that informs my career and decision making in my industry 15 years later. With every minute I spent diving into its pages, despite being a dense read whilst I was still new to the topic.

Now it's just a reference book to go back to, to freshen myself up. The fact it still has a lot of value so far down the line speaks volumes.


Sep 13, John Pozer rated it it was amazing. A seminal text and required reading for film students. In my many years of teaching, I've asked hundreds of learning filmmakers if they can tell me what the 5 C's stand for without looking at their phones - and I can count on one hand the number of students who were able to remember.

The funny thing is that when I point out the 6th 'C' mentioned in the Introduction - they never forget it! Sep 18, Alper Kaya rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 24, Katie rated it it was amazing. If your looking to learn and study film this is a must on your reading list.

May 25, Joey Madia rated it really liked it. Helpful, with plenty of stills as examples but very dated.

Jan 22, Jennifer rated it liked it. Great read on the basics of cinematography! Sep 26, Karthik S V rated it it was amazing Shelves: A great introductory book. Acquaints one with the basics. Oct 29, Olivia rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is rich with insights.

For any filmmakers, I strongly recommend this book! The two sections that I learnt most from was continuity and composition. I've come to understand why actors have to enter and leave the frame on certain side, and how relationships can be established on screen. I've learnt to appreciate how important it is to create depth within the two-dimensional frame, so as to create a three-dimensional illusion on the screen. This later point is the greatest learning point f This book is rich with insights.

This later point is the greatest learning point for me. Accompanied by the illustrations, in the forms of picture and diagram, the tips in this book are easy to follow and be understood. Although it can be quite dense, the struggle to finish this book will absolutely be worth it!

Joseph v. Mascelli - The 5 C's of Cinematography

Sep 22, Mark Heiliger rated it really liked it. Sometimes painful to drag your eyes through, but only because it covers such fundamental material for anyone remotely educated in filmmaking.

I can only imagine what an experience it would be to a 14 year old who has never before considered the "rules" of good camera work. Good for those days you need a reminder of the basics of cinematic storytelling. Apr 04, B. Crow rated it it was amazing. The book may be dated, but the advice is timeless.

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Much of it's advice is even worthy of non cinema enthusiasts. So many principles for motion photography seem like they could apply to still photography also. If you're at all interested in the complexities of visual style as it pertains to film, this book is terrific.

Not only does it break down the entire process of cinematic structure, it gives a clear visual representation of each category.Being able to use camera and lighting to convey emotion, style and narrative is what cinematography is all about, and that is just one of the disciplines we aim to teach here at the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television. Each scene must always be shot with the editing in mind so the angles cut together seamlessly.

Five C's of Cinematography : Motion Picture Filming Techniques

I was born will talent to create my own style imagery, so this book was fertile to my creative energies, Read full review by dutchangle Oct 16, If you're serious about film making, this is the book for you. Lists with This Book. The funny thing is that when I point out the 6th 'C' mentioned in the Introduction - they never forget it!