The author of the memoir Behind The Bell presents himself as the voice of experience, wisdom, and authority. He's the man at the end of the. Review eBook Behind The Bell By Dustin Diamond PDF EBOOK EPUB site. (c) - page 1 of 8 - Get Instant Access to PDF File: 1c Download E-books Behind the Bell PDF. By Dustin Diamond. For the first-time, Diamond provides the interior tale of the younger forged from.

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According to a tell-all book called Behind the Bell by Dustin Diamond ( Screech), there was a much darker side to Saved by the Bell behind the scenes. behind the bell book pdf. Description: Provides a behind-the-scenes look at life on the set of the television program "Save by the Bell," along with a memoir of. Get Free Read & Download Files Dustin Diamond Behind The Bell PDF. DUSTIN DIAMOND BEHIND THE BELL. Download: Dustin Diamond Behind The Bell.

Those are the thoughts and actions of someone who is bitter to the point of mental illness. Um, I want to see Tiffani play a crack whore.

Man, this is hard. Okay, still just spitballing here: Lark can play a homeless person with rags for clothes. Elizabeth can play a prim and proper schoolmarm with skirts cut at the ankles. Twenty minutes into that film, if everyone is doing his or her jobs, no one in the audience would recognize anyone from the gang from Bayside.

They coddled Gosselaar.

They fawned over him. When he got into Paul Verhoeven, they all got into Paul Verhoeven. This killed Diamond.

See a Problem?

Part of what makes Behind The Bell such a maddening read is that Diamond ostensibly has dirt. This is Dustin Diamond writing that pretty much everyone other than himself and Mr. Belding were fucking.

Were they ever! In my Random Roles interview a few years back, Bronson Pinchot referenced an infamous Rolling Stone interview he did at the height of his Perfect Strangers fame where he said his idea of a perfect weekend was fucking until the skin came off his dick. The same is true of Diamond.

Saved By The Bell robbed him of his sexuality. All you can bang buffets. Diamond wants us to know that he treated Saved By The Bell extras as his own personal harem and took great pleasure in fucking them on the actual Saved By The Bell set.

Diamond writes about how he suspected that the writers of The New Class deliberately tried to undermine him and co-star Mr.

Behind the Bell

Belding he has a name, yes, but neither you nor I should ever invoke it by making their relationship not so much homoerotic as explicitly homosexual.

If Diamond is being truthful—I assume everything he says is at the very least a big exaggeration—then that is officially the most awesome shit ever. Advertisement Diamond spends much of the book saying horrible things about the small children who were once his professional peers. In this passage, he scores an incredible linguistic victory over young kids he met 20 years ago: I introduced myself to Kris Kross.

Based on their clothing, I was confused as to where I should present my hand for shaking. Predictably, they blew me off. Diamond lives in a permanent state of bitterness now, even though the world has been far kinder to him than he has any reason to expect. Before he lets you go, Diamond has one last bit of business for you. He knows how dumb Saved By The Bell was.

Oh yes, he does. He possesses the secret knowledge that a television show famous for being cheesy was, in fact, cheesy, as he conveys in this passage: Even though we were kids, we knew when something was lame-o. Allow me to sample a line for you: Screech knocks a turkey off the counter in the kitchen and goes to get it only to be stopped by Zack.

But what could we do? We groaned on the inside. Sometimes we would try to sabotage lines we knew were more stupid than our normal level of stupid. The corniness did exact its toll over time in our personal lives.

I was simultaneously disgusted by and heartbroken for Dustin Diamond throughout this book.

Aside from his obvious fury for his ex-costars, He says he isn't sure what they are up to these days. Wikipedia not working? The final layer of palpable tragedy to this book was the ridiculous lack of copy editing.

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Clearly, no one else even read the book before sending it off to the printer. They knew it would make its money from ex-fans, get totally panned by critics and quickly be forgotten. That's how happy America is to use and abuse Dustin Diamond. That's how little respect we have for him. He's just our national laughingstock.

11 ‘Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story’ Moments That Blew Our Minds

I hope he has a good therapist. I know I want one after this.

I don't recommend anyone read this book. Seriously, its pretty much weird adolescent references to his penis and boobs with some vague innuendo about other male celebrities gay affiars.

He claims not to have feelings about homosexuality one way or the other but that assertion made me laugh out loud next to his clear paranoia that anyone should think he was gay.You know the experience. Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition? Need we say more? What about the spatial impossibility of Mr.

Belding were fucking. By using the site, you consent to these cookies.

The stars of Unauthorized had never seen the original show. He has the craggy, deeply lined face of a man who has lived. In this passage, he scores an incredible linguistic victory over young kids he met 20 years ago:.

We groaned on the inside.