Viaje y participe con Vitko Novi de sus contactos e inverosimiles aventuras junto a humanos Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Galaxia X-9 - Apu, Un Mundo Sin Dinero (Tomo III) [Vitko Novi] on * FREE* Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Vitko Novi or Victor Kapetanovic (here later picture) from northern Peru worked as an Electrical Engineer in the Central Hydroelectric Plant at Huallanca on the.

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Pricing Guide of Books of Ufology. Sold through Direct Sale: horas con los extraterrestres, por vitko novi - solar - colombia - - muy raro!. Lot Tag: Vitko Novi wrote “ Horas con Extraterrestres” under the pseudonym of “Vitko Novi. Click image to download a pdf copy of book. American English File Starter MultiPack A - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Curso de Horas Con Los Extraterrestres - Vitko Novi. Uploaded by.

As the site of the entrance to the Central was almost enclosed by rocky elevated peaks, I could not describe, at first, from where the strange light came. I went forward toward half the distance to a point where I could observe the view of the river below, more open by the separation of the peaks there.

As I walked I looked involuntarily toward the horizon. There in the distance a star was shining through a small opening in the overcast sky. That began to clarify in my mind, an idea that that incomprehensible splendor could come from a meteorite fall accidentally in that place, occasioning the malfunction of the power central.

When I got to more or less the center of the bridge there, I discovered that the light was coming from an ovoid object, similar to a gigantic lens, posing on a small platform placed between the union of the Rio Kitaragsa with the Santa. That platform, molded by the channels of the two rivers over centuries of time, took the form of a triangle of unequal sides. It was part of a small plain where they began the work of construction of the Power Central, the tunnels, the blockhouse and the patio for the transformers, having served as an encampment and supply base for materials, until almost all was arrested by a flood in the s.

The luminous apparatus did not surprise me too much, because the sciences of man have advanced with much acceleration and new machines of different forms are appearing every day.

But the color and the intensity of the light that it radiated was surprising.

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Despite my looking fixedly at that light, my retinas did not suffer any damage; on the contrary, I experienced a very agreeable sensation and desire to continue observing. Who, when and for what had brought this strange machine and installed it in that place, which seemed to me to be so insignificant?

That was my questioning. I imagined that the Army, with the intent of scientific investigation, had enclosed in some spheroid of glass of color, a reflector of extraordinary potency, for some reason.

I put my flashlight out which I had forgotten about in my surprise and walked down toward that luminous object. Enroute I passed and checked the refrigeration pumps of the transformers, and assured myself that they were functioning correctly, and then proceeded… At the end of the patio I encountered the guard on duty, named Quiroz, who guarded the Arsenal at night.

I saw him looking as tranquil as if nothing abnormal was taking place. By the tranquility of the guard I began to doubt my psychological state. I felt that my mind had suffered some kind of disequilibrium, and that for that reason I was seeing things not real.

This frightened me. Quiroz grabbed my left arm and nervously said to me: "Senor, If you are afraid; another time they came down there with their flying machine. They are good beings, and don't mean any harm to anybody.

You can not imagine how friendly they are, but please leave them alone. They may leave soon. The first, was that he also saw what I imagined I was seeing; and the second was that the presence of that inexplicable and rare apparatus was already sufficiently familiar to him, that only thus could I be sure that its crewmen did not harm anybody. What do they want here? Did they give you any trouble? Speak with a low voice.

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They don't bother with me. They say they are inhabitants of another world very distant. They come to these heights where there are shepherds. They come frequently. That alarmed me, but despite all, I continued advancing. The horrors, tortures, terrors and destruction of the Second World War, in which I participated from beginning to end, had corroded my opinion such on human altruism, that I could not believe in the existence of any other being more astute than man to confront.

As I had learned, 'the attack and defense strategies', I walked without fear toward that gigantic luminous lenticular. Quiroz remained standing, begging me in full voice not to approach the strange machine. Some meters beyond the patio of the transformers, and perhaps feet from the object, I met two beings. They were tall, with proportionate bodies and sloping shoulders.

They were dressed in suits of fine finish, well fitted to the body, and of rare color, that at first seemed to shine like the fur of a seal. The one on my left greeted me in my native dialect. I answered in Spanish and continued with a question.

We come here from space, and when we pass by this galaxy, we visit the Earth, fraternally. We pray you will forgive us, as we will go soon. I thought they could be spies of some technical nation that were joking with me, pretending to pass for extraterrestrials. Your Central has light.

My friend, we ask that you not judge us bad, and pardon us. We will not forget. All for others. I observed the machine and saw that it rested on three gigantic supports of beams of light. Each of them terminated in great circular cushions of light of the same luminosity. A stair that terminated like the landing cylinders joined the center of the lower part of the machine with the upper part.

Those strangers ascended that stair and it, retracting itself, carried them to the interior. Then the beams of light that supported the machine also retracted.

I heard a soft scarcely perceptible hiss, like a breeze, and the apparatus rose vertically at first, and then zig-zagged rapidly and disappeared in the clouds above. Above, in the regions of Champara and Milwakocha, the shepherds and the rustic villagers are seeing them always. This is no trick nor novelty, sir. Do you believe what you are saying?

They are good men. To expose them would be a mistake. The manor in which Quiroz replied gave me to understand that he wanted to compel me to hide the presence of these strangers. This made me laugh inside, but I said nothing.

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Upon taking my leave from him I remembered the phrase "All for others. It seemed to me rather gracious and released an outburst to full voice. I meditated upon that unexpected encounter and became convinced that those strangers spied on some business in favor of a powerful organization that possessed in secret the marvelous flying machine constructed in the form of a plate, and that they had converted Quiroz to be their accomplice. For this he tried to make them pass for extraterrestrials to deflect my suspicions.

Whether terrestrials or extraterrestrials, their presence was inexplicable. Upon entering the blockhouse, the technician of electrical works told me that the disconnect had been caused by a vulture, upon shorting the circuit when it tried to perch on a post that supported the high tension cables near the distribution center at Chimbote.

The high peaks of the Ancash Mountains, mostly unknown and unexplored by man, imposed themselves majestically and displayed their folded escarpments. It was a most delightful morning that announced a day quite appropriate for my accustomed excursion through the surrounding heights. I spoke to a young man names Adrian Perez, an amateur hunter who belonged to a group of maintenance workers that knew all the mountain roads. We met at his house and remembered to explore the Los Cedros Wash at the end of Duck Canyon, going from Huallanca to Caraz, because it contained shepherds and that zone had seen bears and guanacos, animals that are rarely seen in the region of the Callejon of Huaylas.

We departed his house, taking a route by the left bank of the wash that carried the name of the stream. We had been walking almost from morning, ascending toward the peak of the mountain that seemed to touch the sky. By midday we were at the beginning of a plateau, some 4, meters above sea level, and decided to rest some few minutes and eat something.

During the pause we agreed to advance to the other side of the plateau and later return to our encampment, After recuperating our strength we resumed walking. The rocks and crags abounded in that place in such manner that we were obliged to leave signs of our passage to be able to return by the same route and not get lost. Suddenly Adrian stopped in surprise, and remained immobile in place and then gave me a sign with his hand to come closer.

I went forward some steps, and when I got to him, I looked toward where he was indicating and saw at the center of a small flat area without rocks, the same machine shaped like a deep plate, that I had seen the month before in front of the Hydroelectric Center at Huallanca. Several weeks had passed since that first night when I sincerely believed that the unknowns were spies, and that had not come to mind since, but when I saw this lenticular form again I remembered that I had thought they must be dedicated to some form of espionage, or something else illegal.

Around the landed disc was a circle of goats and some sheep. At one side of the little clearing I saw several people, men, women and children. I discovered that they were shepherds with their families, and I decided to approach them to see some of their customs and learn how they lived in a place so separated, and at that altitude of 4, meters, near the peaks covered with perpetual snow.

I mentioned this to Perez and he agreed to participate and so we went forward. On the way, Perez began to tell me that this zone was accustomed to the descent of those flying discs from space, piloted by extraterrestrials, good people who helped the shepherds in many ways. I compared the explanations of Perez with those of Quiroz, and thought that both of them, in some manner, were accomplices of those strangers.

I said nothing of what I thought; nor was he paying any attention to what I might say, and proceeded walking forward without speaking. Some minutes later we arrived at the place seen.

Around a small rustic home we saw four men seated, three women and four children, and the two strangers that I had seen on that first night at Huallanca when we experienced the malfunction, about a month before. The strangers smiled upon seeing me, but those residents seemed to be bothered by our presence. One man with a beard stood up looking at me aggressively, and said to me: "What are you looking for here!? That is all. One of those extraterrestrials extended his hand to me and I did the same.

Then he did likewise to Perez, and this calmed the farmer who opposed our visit. We sat down there around that house with the rest. The protest of the shepherd who asked me the question and the menacing looks of his companions confirmed my prior thoughts, that all those people were in some way there "conspiring" with those strangers, and for that reason feared their discovery.

As it was still day I had no hurry, and I could observe those strangers with greater attention, to be able to discover their nationality.

They were tall. By their stature one could not distinguish them from one Earth race or another. The only thing was that their shoulders sloped differently and their figure was well proportioned, but they also had other different racial characteristics that one could believe had been formed by a mix of all the folk of Earth. The form of their faces resembled that of Arabs; the eyes were similar to those of the Mongol race; the nose to those of the Nordics; the beard gave the impression of being of the Hindu type, and the color of their skin was a rosy white.

After these observations I came to the conclusion that the greater percentage of their features seemed similar to the Mongolian race. They both radiated a very agreeable personality, and that induced me to think that this could be one of the races from which those shepherds descended. Eur J. Objective: The aim of present study was to compare different techniques of HLA antibody detection in patients waiting for a kidney transplant.

The study included sera samples of patients waiting for a first kidney transplantation. Of tested sera, Of the Fast and precise characterisation of antibodies in patients before transplantation can be performed by both methods, CDC and ELISA, as complementary techniques.

ELISA method is more sensitive and effective than CDC, enabling significant reduction of the CDC workload of the laboratory, but can be used only as adjunct to serum screening by citotoxic testing. The association between the presence of preformed cytotoxic antibodies to donor HLA antigens in kidney recipients sera and the development of graft rejection after transplantation has been well known for more than 30 years [].

The clinical significance of anti-HLA antibodies has been documented since Dr. Terasaki's observation in that the presence of antibody correlated with rejection [4,5]. Today there are a wide variety of antibody screening methodologies. The results obtained with these various methodologies have played an important role in increasing transplant graft survival. The advances of methodologies for antibody screening were fueled by three main needs: improved sensitivity, improved specificity and the need for more automated, less subjective methods.

There are two main types of methodologies for detecting anti-HLA antibodies: antigen non-specific i. The cell-based methodologies are not only antigen non-specific, but they are also time consuming and subjective.

In the past, cytotoxic antibodies identification has been impaired by: 1 inability to distinguish between IgM and IgG antibodies; 2 correct identification of anti-HLA class II antibodies, especially in the presence of anti-HLA class I antibodies; 3 inability to detect the antibodies hidden by linkage disequilibrium. Additionally, there are several problems inherent in the CDC assay that compromise the accuracy of the test results.

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The CDC test does not differentiate HLA specific from other cytotoxic antibodies, and finally, because of extensive time and labor involved in maintaining a panel, testing sera and analyzing results, there is a high costbenefit ratio for tests of sera lacking HLA-specific antibodies [7]. In recent years, solid phase assays have been introduced as methods for HLA antibody screening which basically fall into two categories, namely ELISA-based methods and HLA antigen-coated beads used in either a Flow Cytometry system or a Luminex platform, are more sensitive than CDC for detecting both HLA class I and class II antibodies since it can detect binding of serum antibodies to specific antigens independently of complement activation and more, single antigen methods allow identification of an unique HLA specificity [].

A further improvement in antibody detection technique was reported by Yabu et al.He gave me his hand and the shepherd allowed me to pass through. The Damocles Gulf Crusade Campaign Weekend 2 History records you as one of the commanders taking part in" the Damocles Gulf Crusade" ; a campaign weekend that In any war, commanders War zone damocles kauyon epub download to deal with unfair and unbalanced situations, using cunning and skill to prevail against overwhelming odds, You won't believe what happened to both sides in the Kauyon expansion during the Damocles Gulf conflict!

I still thought she could make me see anything through hypnosis. That is all. Continue maintaining this thought until your cells come to understand otherwise, which is your right.