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Excerpts from. TNT—The Power Within You by Claude M. Bristol & Harold Sherman Order in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $ (+ printing charge). TNT the Power Within You - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. TNT the Power Within You. TNT, the power within you: how to release the forces inside you and get what. He is the coauthor of the long-time bestseller, TNT: The Power Within.

Please try again later. If you want to improve everything in your life! Paperback Verified download. Never forget: Like always attracts like! How you are thinking today determines what you will be and where you will be tomorrow. When you assume a positive or negative attitude of mind, you get a positive or negative result.

You must develop the ability to picture clearly in your mind whatever success you desire. Don't carry your griefs and troubles around with you. No one wants to share them. People have grief troubles enough of their own. But worry, unhappily, only multiples your troubles. You are living in a world of cause and effect - a world in which nothing actually happens by accident, and you, yourself, set up the causes by your own thinking, good or bad, for the things that happened to you!

A fortunate man knows how to eliminate their fears and worries, how to remain inwardly calm and poised, no matter what of circumstances, how to assume a positive mental attitude, how to retain emotional stability under pressure.

It is going to be the repetition, the reiteration of that picture upon the subconscious mind that will cause the creative power within to produce results for you. You must give out in efforts and in faith, if you wish to receive Developing the art of listening with your inner ear and your inner mind for counsel that comes from your deeper self, the God part of you, a higher intelligence, or whatever you choose to call it.

Now this thought is going to come as the shocker! The uncontrolled conscious mind of any individual is little more than an open sewer which takes in all matter of refuse and debris in the form of wrong thoughts and feelings, along with the good. Unless you stand guard over what you take in, there is no sifting, no filtering of the good from the bad. The power within cannot operate for you unless you have faith in it!

Draw your own conclusions; make up your own mind as fairly and as unprejudiced as you can, before you believe. You must acquire the ability to control your feelings.

It is absolutely imperative that you learn to control your emotions, your fears and worries. Picture yourself receiving guidance and protection from the power within. Give your subconscious mind a problem to work on just before going to sleep.

The more you practice giving your subconscious mind jobs to do the more it will carry the ball for you. Realize that as long as your attention is fixed on the past and it's on unhappiness and on losses you can never recover, you are holding yourself back from receiving new resources, new opportunities and new experiences of a happy nature Remember, every thought, kept ever constant, leads to action, and results follow!

Well Written. I just bought this book a few days ago and I am now a little over half way through it. I read the Magic of Believing a few times and found it, for me, to be a little harder to read than this one. May be the simple, straight forward way this one is written. I am just getting through the part where Bristol talks about writing down what you want and reviewing it often. As he says, what he is writing about is not new, he is just saying it in a different way.

All great books. This one is definitely one to read and re-read. I love this book, not because it contains information that is brand new to us in -- it was first published in and was no doubt groundbreaking information then -- but because his enthusiasm for sharing the simple brilliance that we become what we think about is so infectious and upbeat.

If you've been struggling to understand Law of Attraction principles, this is a wonderful read. He gives methods for maintaining a positive attitude and this could be the book you need to help you get ahead with your goals. This book was a gift from my best friend. Her Uncle had recommended it to her and she brought it copy for me. This book has changed my life. I could not believe that it was so simple.

I loved how easy it was to read and understand. I now use the steps and tips outlined in this book and every thing I have asked for since has come to pass in my life! It is amazing! Just knowing that I am in control of my future is the best feeling in the world. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has the drive and determination to improve their life and be happy. Faith is the best healer. Read this book if you have a strong desire to find that happiness in your life, now and in your future.

This book was copyrighted in that will soon be 50 years ago. The public is looking to all this new age material such as "The Secret" in the hope of learning what Claude M. I believe he sincerely meant every word he put on paper, words with a power that grips you page after page.

The message is so profound that, as you read and even after you have set the book aside, emerging insights are so profound that they are startling.

The message contained in this book is dynamic.

Scrap "The Secret. Do yourself a favor and download a copy of this book. Hardcover Verified download. This is the first book I downloadd which said very good and is very poor!

Book is very yellowed and very well worn. I only download books labeled very good or like new and am Very dissatisfied with the quality. Will think twice before ordering from this seller again. This book is phenomenal! It was written in plain English and it you open your mind to change the book will work for you. I have read it several times cover to cover and I'm amazed at how I get something new each time it read it.

Maybe it's the place I am in my life a the time of reading the book or I'm just gaining a better understanding of the authors concepts and principles. See all 89 reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. I want a place that has the atmosphere of love in it and around it. I want to feel this love in every room, in the garden, among the flowers.

Do you suppose there is such a place? Im sure there is, said Farley. There has to be or you couldnt feel about it as you do. And so each night, before retiring, Irma and Farley pictured themselves being led to such a home, wherever it might be.

They dropped off to sleep, dreaming of this home, with the expectation of being led to it when the time and conditions were right. They let go of all previous apprehensions that they would not find what they desired. Somehow, some way, they knew that what they were picturing would materialize for them. One day, some weeks later, Irma and Farley were at a friends house and Irma felt impelled to tell this friend of their dream.

The friend listened with interest and then said: You have just described the home of a friend of mine a man by the name of Mr. Davies, whose wife died a few months ago, shortly after their dream home was completed.

Davies is still living in the home. He has been offered twice what it cost 14 him but he says that he wont sell until he finds a couple who will love this home as much as his wife and he did.

Please take us to this man, Irma and Farley requested. When they arrived outside the home in North Hollywood, they stopped and stared, unbelievingly.

TNT: The Power Within You Pdf

This is it! And when they met Mr. Davies at the door, the love of this home was in their eyes, and he saw it, and said to them: I see that you already like this place. Just make yourselves at home. I wont go with you. Take your time. Go wherever you wish. When you have finished, Ill be waiting.

For an hour Irma and Farley lost themselves in their breathless examination of the beautiful premises. It seemed to them as though they had already moved in. But now, it was time to face reality. It was obvious that this home would cost far more than they could pay, that any down payment would be in excess of their entire resources. What shall we do? Irma said to Farley. Weve found the home we have pictured but how can it be ours?

Our faith has taken us this far, said Farley. Lets not doubt that it can take us the rest of the way. They were out in the backyard and now they turned to enter the house.

As they did so, Mr. Davies opened the door. He stood quietly, eyeing them. Oh, its wonderful. Just what we have been wanting! But it appears to be beyond our means.

Perhaps it may not be, said Mr. I have been requesting a large down payment of people to whom I am not interested in selling. But you love this home as my wife and I did.

Somehow, I can feel that she would never forgive me if I sold our beautiful home to a couple who did not share our deep feeling for it.

You folks know what you can pay make your own terms. Even so, the down payment would take all their available finances, with no resources in sight to complete the download. Have we let our feeling run away with us? Irma questioned. Should we have assumed this big obligation?

Everything has worked out so perfectly, said Farley, I have faith it will keep on working out this way. And it did! Today their lovely home is bought and paid for. Yes, that power within always works when you have learned how to utilize it. It works in ways you cannot possibly imagine, when you place your faith in it and do what you feel is right to do in any situation. In the case of Irma and Farley, like had attracted like.

They had been picturing the kind of a home Mr. Davies owned and he had been picturing selling this home to the kind of a couple they were. Such visualizing had drawn them magnetically together through the medium of the friend to whom Irma felt impelled to confess her desire for the home of her dreams. The channels through which you may reach your goal are always provided in much the same manner by the power within, when you have pictured what you want, clearly and confidently and persistently, with faith that what you picture can and will be attained.

All that is good and right for you in life can be drawn to you by right thinking. What that something has done for others, it can just as easily do for you. Check your thinking! Do you believe what has been told you thus far? Does it begin to ring a bell? Can you look back on your life and see how you have attracted good thing to you by positive thinking and bad things by negative thinking?

If you can, then you are ready to learn what this creative power can do for you! Through the ages many men and women had the secret, used the power; and I am positive you can acquire it too if youll think as your read, accept and apply the ideas contained herein.

What do you want? Answer these two questions and you will give your life purpose and direction. If you dont now what you want or where you are going, you will get nest to nothing and end up nowhere. The person who is unsettled in mind is surrounded with unsettled conditions. Never forget: How you are thinking today determines what you will be and where you will be tomorrow! Have you ever noticed the indecisive individual? If he is behind the wheel of a car, he is first in one land then in another: That is no way to get any place or do anything worthwhile.

If you are unsettled, uncertain, undecided in your thoughts and actions, it is a sure sign that you are not in complete control of your mind and emotions. It is evidence that you have not yet been introduced to this creative power within which can transform your life. Today there is a superabundance of talk about atomic power.

You may notice that they always compare what an atom bomb or a hydrogen bomb or a cobalt bomb can do in terms of so many thousand tons of TNT. When I first discovered this power in me, the power that best described it was TNT. If you have a force in you equal to TNT, you dont need any greater power than that to move the mountains of fear and doubt and worry and tension and inferiority and frustration and hate and greed and prejudice which have been holding you back and weighing you down.

Then step back and let that something the magnetic creative power within you take over. What can it do for you? You name it and it can do it! Name it, believe in it, picture it, work at it, and this power will attract to you everything you need to accomplish what you desire. A friend of mine who stuttered when he was a boy wanted to be a preacher. He grew up still wanting to be a preacher, but when he confided his desires to friends and loved ones, they either laughed at him or tried to discourage his ambition.

Better pick up some vocation where you dont have to appear in public, they recommended. No one will ever listen to you. Why, you cant speak a sentence without difficulty and when you start stammering, its embarrassing. It takes you half a minute, sometimes, to get a word out.

But I dont have to be this way all my life, this man insisted. One of these days Im going to speak as well as anyone else. I can see myself doing it and I will do it! Today this man has a big church on the West coast. He is one of the most convincing and forceful speakers I have ever heard, and you would never know that there was a time when he had such a serious impediment in his speech.

How did he overcome this drawback? By picturing! By calling upon that God-given creative power to help him out. He told me he used to go out into the farmyard and talk for hours to the chickens.

He imagined they were people and that he was addressing them. He said, I seemed to scare them at first, and I guess I did go through a great many contortions, trying to speak without distortion. Sometimes they would eye me curiously, stopping their eating to do it, and I would imagine I was holding their attention by my oratory. Occasionally, they would act as if they were mesmerized, as chickens often do, and I would pretend I was spellbinding them.

Gradually, I obtained better and better control of myself, partly through this practice, and partly through gaining an understanding of what had caused me to stutter.

You see, my father had been a very dominating man. He believed in the old adage, a child should be seen but not heard. He criticized me, as a boy, when I would speak or express my ideas. It made me self-conscious. I became afraid that I would be ridiculed every time I opened my mouth. This caused me to start stuttering. After that, I was reluctant to speak in the presence of anyone, and people didnt want me to try because it distressed them to see me struggle to say what I wanted to say.

This confidence came as the result of a funny idea which occurred to me. I got the idea that all I had to do was to picture people as so many chickens and cows and horses and by doing that, I would lose my fear of them. It was a boyish concept but it worked. It helped me not to take myself too seriously, to overcome my sense of inferiority and my feeling of self-consciousness. I realized, too, that I had been picturing myself unable to talk in the presence of others because I had been afraid of my fathers rebukes.

As soon as I changed this picture, and asked for the power to express myself without fear, that something took hold of me. I then attracted the experiences and the training which developed me into the preacher I am today just as I had visualized so many years ago! No matter what your seeming handicap, this creative power is ready and waiting to help you overcome it! Are you preparing your mind for the manifestation of this power in and through you?

How can you believe? You first have to be convinced that this power isnt freakish, that it is real and dependable, that youll be able to recognize it when you discover it within you and that you will know how to go about using it. Thats the purpose, of course, of this book to reveal that creative power to you and to give you the know-how to make it work successfully for you, as it has for thousands of others.

But you who are reading these lines cant sit on the outside looking in and expect to experience the explosive force of this tremendous power in your consciousness. Youve got to open your inner mind and make it receptive, so the TNT youve hidden away there, through wrong thinking and perhaps ignorance of its existence, can come out and start banging away at your self-made obstacles and drawbacks and difficulties and problems.

You lick whatever youre up against in life. Things first happen in the mind before they can happen in the world without! This is a wallop, the first time you realize it. You dont make a move, except through your free will choose so to do. You cant lay this book down unless you make up your mind to 19 do it first. And you cant enlist the aid of that something within until you remove the restrictions you have placed upon it through your wrong thinking.

Dont be discouraged A good friend of mine, named Jones, had not been getting anywhere in his chosen field of advertising. He was just a run-of-the-mill operator. He decided, one day, that he would have to change all this. He hadnt known what he really wanted in his line or where he was going, so he looked around him. Was there an advertising position that he felt he was especially qualified to fill?

Yes, there was. The advertising managership of a national publication similar to the National Geographic lets call it the World Travel Monthly. My friend had been a world traveler. He had a feeling for this position, he began to see himself acting as advertising manager. He could put real enthusiasm into such a visualization. As his interest grew in the possible landing of this job, he made inquiries of the magazines owner. We are well satisfied with our present advertising manager, Mr.

He has been with us many years and is doing fine work. As far as we are concerned, he has a life- time position with us. Such information would have been enough to discourage nine out of ten men but not Mr. He felt himself impelled to say: Thats all right, but Im so tremendously interested in your publication, and it would give me so much personal satisfaction to be associated with it, even in an unofficial capacity, would you mind if I sat in on your editorial and advertising conferences whenever I can, and make my recommendations from time to time, as though I were a member of your staff, but without pay?

The proposal was so unusual that it caught the interest of the magazine owner. I, personally, would have no objection, if you are that much interested, he told Mr. However, you would have to sell this idea to Mr.

He might not like to have a man who is interested in his position associating with him in this manner. But if he is wiling to have you devote such spare time as you have to our interests, without an obligation on our part, you are welcome to do so.

Jones called upon Mr. The two men took an immediate liking to each other. A warm friendship sprang up, which continued through eight years, during which time Mr. Jones made himself of great value to the World Travel Monthly and became conversant with every phase of its operation while he occupied himself with other advertising interests which made him a living.

Haley was offered a position in California and decided for health and personal reasons, having always wished to reside in this state in his later life, that he would resign from the World Travel Monthly and go West.

Jones is today the advertising manager of the World Travel Monthly, having stepped into Mr. Haleys position with full knowledge of it a position he pictured himself occupying for eight years and worked at all that time!

You still think that inner power cant bring you what you want? What inspiration can do Do you feel despondent, hopeless, like ending it all? Thats how H. Mattern felt, some years ago. He had come to New York City from his home in Pennsylvania which he had left because of family and economic troubles.

He had hoped to get back on his feet in New York but things, as they often do, when you are upset, mentally and emotionally, had gone from bad to worse. Mattern finally decided, since he owed seven weeks room rent, was down to his last couple of dollars, and had exhausted prospects and resources, that the only way out was suicide. But there were several little errands he was intent on doing first, and one of them led him through the book department on the ground floor of Macys department store.

As he passed a book table the title of a book caught his eye and challenged him. In Matterns disturbed state of mind, this title acted as a red rag supposed to react upon a bull. Mattern raged to himself: Theres no such thing as a key to happiness! On impulse, he wheeled about, retraced his steps, went back to the booktable, took up the book and bought with his last remaining dollars.

Returning to his room, with the poison he had also downloadd to take his life, Mattern thumbed through the book in a defiant mood. One of the first passages he cam across spoke to him in these words: Whether you realize it or not, you are directly or indirectly responsible for everything that happens to you! Mattern almost threw the book out the window. He had been blaming his unhappy experiences in life upon others, telling himself that circumstances beyond his control had brought these desperate conditions upon him.

The last person he wanted to face was 21 himself, least of all to have to admit that he may have been the cause of any of his shortcomings or problems. To prove that the author of Your Key to Happiness didnt know what he was talking about, Mattern read further.

But, the further he read, the harder he found himself being hit. You may be wondering, at this very moment, whether there is any real way out of the difficulties which surround you. And, if you are, my answer to you it: Dont lose hope! There is a way to solve your problems to relieve the conditions which may now be pressing in upon you; a way that will enable you to achieve the things in life which mean most to you.

Mattern picked up interest. His thoughts of suicide began to recede into the background of his mind. What was this way? How could he ever pull himself out of the tailspin he was in? There it was, in plain black and white: You must develop the ability to picture clearly in your mind whatever success you desire.

Remember, Ive told you that this message isnt new that it has been written and delivered thousands of times; but it is always new to the man or woman who receives it for the first time. Harold Sherman was telling Mattern just what I am telling you about the power within.

Sherman had discovered that power in his way, as I had discovered it in my way and we both were given the urge to tell the world about it. But Mattern had to be shown; he had to reason it our, every step had to appeal to his logic. He wasnt going to be fooled by nice words or promises. He had become too disillusioned, too far gone, to hit any come-back trail unless he could blaze it himself. But as he dug into the contents of this little book, things began to make sense that had never made sense before.

He commenced to review his life in the light of the understanding he was now getting about the operation of his own mind and emotions. He could begin to see how many of his wrong thoughts had attracted wrong results to him. And when he came to the passage where Sherman states that an individual can learn to capitalize upon his failures of the past, that he can extract constructive lessons from them, and that every individual possesses some hidden resources and talents which can be crystallized and developed to pull him out of an economic crisis, Mattern asked himself: What have I ever done which I can turn to now and realize money on?

There didnt seem to be any combination of skills and talents he could call upon to aid him in his extremity. But, wait a minute! Some years ago, he had tried to develop a chemical formula for cleaning and preserving leather upholstered furniture. He had mixed different ingredients together and had come close to a satisfactory solution, but had finally given up the project.

Perhaps, if he renewed his efforts in this direction. Then wham it happened. Out of the blue, straight from his subconscious, as though handed him on a platter, came the formula he had been seeking!

That instant he received it, he knew it would work! This was it! At two oclock in the morning, H. Mattern shelved all plans for leaving this world! Instead, he began making plans for getting hold of the necessary chemicals as soon as the stores opened later in the day, for preparing the solution and finding a downloader for his services in cleaning and preserving leather upholstered furniture!

All doubts were gone and new faith in himself and God had been born. There was a key to happiness and he had found it! Mattern knew in that moment that this formula had been prepared for him by that something, the creative power within, in answer to his previous desires and efforts. The only mistake he had made was giving up too soon. But this formula, once created, had been held for him, in his subconscious.

Later in the morning, a new and vitalized Mattern visited the nearest hardware store and talked the owner into extending him some eight dollars worth of credit so he could obtain the ingredients he needed to mix the formula.

He hurried back to his room on which he owed the seven weeks rent, and put the chemicals together. Then he sat down to let the power within tell him where to go to sell his product and himself. The name W. Sloane, a big Fifth Avenue furniture store came to mind.

This company obviously had an extensive leather upholstered furniture department. Mattern phoned and got the man in charge on the wire. He said: Ive developed a solution for cleaning and preserving all leather goods, especially leather furniture. Id like to come up and demonstrate it for you.

Come ahead, the executive invited. If youve got something like that, we could certainly use it! When Mattern arrived with his solution, he was escorted to a storeroom and shown a leather upholstered divan in a sad state of disrepair. The leather was dried and cracked and soiled.

It looked like a hopeless job, and the severest kind of a test for this chemical formula. But Mattern accepted the challenge. After one hour of hard, hard work, he called 23 the executive back to look at the result. What that executive saw caused him to gasp in amazement, in utter disbelief.

It looks as if youve substituted a new divan for me, he said. This cant be the old one! Why, the cracks are softened up and smoothed out, the leather is pliable and alive again, and the soiled spots are all gone. Mattern youve just earned yourself a contract to clean and preserve all of our leather upholstered furniture H. Matter left the W. That something, the creative power you are going to learn how to operate for you, had done it! It would have rendered Mattern the same service years before, had he only called upon it, in the right way.

And what did Mattern do, in an effort to return thanks to god fro the release of this power in and through him? He took a vow, that night, that he would never pass by another human being who needed help, that he would always take time to counsel with these persons, whoever they might be. Dont read a book study it Today, H. They have given away thousands of copies of self- help books, which they have placed in the hands of bank presidents, leading industrialists and businessmen, congressmen, senators, governors, waitresses, porters, laborers, farmers, hotel clerks and maids, newsboys, housewives, people of all race, clases, professions, and colors.

In the front of each book the Matterns write: Do not read this book study it! Then they underline different paragraphs throughout with three different colored pencils, for emphasis. To make certain that the contents are studied, they staple the pages of different chapters or parts of chapters together, with the written instruction: Do not remove these staples until you are sure you understand and practice what has gone before.

Do not study this section for a month. It will take you that long to digest what you are now studying. Mattern states that it takes them on the average an hour to fix each book, but Its worth it it makes all the difference in the world in what the individual gets from any book. Most people have the habit of reading, not studying, and they dont apply themselves. Thats why they dont get anywhere. Their problems are all fundamentally the same and can be solved only by calling upon the creative power within.

As for H. Mattern and his equally dynamic helpmate, Mary, their Keep Smiling Always salutation radiates constantly from them, and their indomitable spirit is best expressed by the slogan on their business card: Well, what do you think of the creative power now?

Are you getting ready to accept its operation in your life? If you are, youd better start using Matterns method, and underline every statement in this book that hits you between the eyes, that you feel can mean something special to you, so each thought will be hammered into your consciousness, and made a part of your thinking.

But, first, before you can release this power, you will have to rid your mid of a lot of wrong thoughts and feelings. This may be somewhat painful in the doing but itll pay you tremendous dividends!

Are you game? Can you face yourself? A mans true greatness lies in the consciousness of an honest purpose in life, founded on a just estimate of himself and everything else, on frequent self- examinations, and a steady obe- dience to the rule which he knows to be right, without troubling himself about what others may think or say, or 25 whether they do or do not do that which he thinks and says And does MARCUS AURELIUS I take it there isnt an intelligent man or woman who isnt really interested in getting ahead, but I have often wondered if there isnt a negative quality or some inertia in most of us which precludes us from getting started.

I repeat an old story: Down on a levee in Mississippi, two Negroes were dozing. One of them yawned, stretched his arms and sighed: Gee, I wish I had a million watermelons. The other Negro asked: Rastus, if you ad a million watermelons, would you give me half of them? No, sir! Would you give me a quarter of them?

No, I wouldnt give you a quarter of them. Rastus, if you had a million watermelons, wouldnt you give me even ten of them?

I wouldnt give you ten of them. Well, wouldnt you give me one lousy watermelon? Say, Sam, I wouldnt give you even a bite of one if I had a million watermelons. Why not, Rastus? Because Youre too lazy to wish for yourself! Theres much to be gleaned from that story. Youll understand as I proceed. There have always been scoffers, but scoffers never succeed. They never get any place in life, but simply become envious, while the doer or the person who is moving forward has to jump over or go around them.

They have nothing but a nuisance value in life. Some of you may dismiss all of this as you have done before as you always will but for those of you who are interested, are still willing to learn, I promise you can learn and make progress for yourself. It is easier to go with the current than fight against it, but you must harmonize with others, with everything around you.

In the words of a great philosopher: No longer let thy breathing only act in concert with the air which surrounds thee, but let thy intelligence also now be in harmony with the intelligence which embraces all things. It requires little effort to breathe but it does require the expenditure of energy to think. It shouldnt be necessary for me to explain further that I am suggesting that you put yourself in tune with the very stream of life itself.

You who understand will appreciate that nature provides ways and means for all things to grow rightly. Meditate for a moment and youll realize I am giving truths which many may have forgotten. Theres the great fundamental law of compensation which makes all things right. Theres no set rule for doing anything, because some of us perform one way and some another, just as two people might go across the river.

In other words, after all is said and done, its results that count, and, if you will make up your mind to exactly what you want and follow the simple rules which are given herein, everything you are after will be yours. The time has come for you to stop and think and analyze yourself. Just what do you believe about yourself and why?

Do you believe you are getting out of life what you should? Do you believe you are giving to life what you should? Life, you know, is not a one-way street. Its a gift to you from God, the Great Creator. But from the moment you are born, you are basically on your own. You have to draw the first breath to live and you have to keep on breathing, if you wish to remain on earth. You have to take reasonable care of your body or you will suffer some form of ill health.

You have to use your head and what is inside it for something more than a hatrack. If you dont, you wont get very far with either your mind or your body. The condition you are in right now largely depends upon what you have been thinking and doing to and for yourself all your life. Nothing just happened to you by accident. You 27 are the sum total of all the causes and effects you have set up in yourself through your mental and emotional attitudes. There end result is the you that you are right this minute!

Take a look in the mirror. Study every physical movement. It tells a story. Each move you make marks your personality, in outer expression. Examine that look on your face: Your eyes how do they appear to you? Are they clear, steady, and direct?

Claude M. Bristol

The person you see in the mirror is the one the other person sees. What kind of an impression do you wish to make on him? Thats entirely up to you. You know whether or not you have personality. If it is absent or undeveloped, make up your mind to get it. You can and you will, when you make up your mind and do as suggested herein. What is personality?

What is it, when you get in the presence of another person who has personality, that grips you? What is it that causes you to feel his very presence that overshadows you? Its nothing more than a dynamic force coupled with will power which he is drawing from that huge reservoir of the subconscious. There are millions of people who have this personality some say its natural with them, and perhaps it is, but they are unconsciously using this power. It has been thrust upon them, or they have developed it without realizing, early in life, and when that thing called personality is backed up with will power, things move.

The appealing personality belongs to that man or woman who possesses self-confidence, self-assurance. These are people with a purpose; they know where they are going and how to get there; and this intensity of purpose shows in their faces.

They have poise. They attract others to them as a magnet attracts iron filings. Everyone just groups around a radiant personality. When you get to know yourself, you can develop this same intensity of purpose, this determination to get ahead. And shortly, this determination will show in your eyes, your speech, your actions. You have heard people say that a certain person has a penetrating gaze, that he looks right through one.

What is it? Nothing more than that fire from within intensity or whatever you wish to call it, which means that the person who has that gaze usually gets what he wants. He compels, commands, attracts. Remember, the eyes are the windows of the soul. Look at the photographs of successful men. Study their eyes and you will find that every one of them has that intensity. To my way of thinking, selling bonds, books, clothes, insurance, electric service, washing machines, is no different from selling any other commodity.

I have found that in trying to put over an idea, first I have had to believe in myself, then in the idea and my ability to sell both myself and the idea!

I have also found that you have got to know what you are talking about and only hard, personal persistent, intelligent study will enable you to do this. How much do you know about yourself, about others, and the world you live in? The kind of personality you are expressing depends upon this knowledge. You cant express yourself with ease and assurance and authority unless you possess an awareness of self, of others and of the world!

Know what is going on about you! Get understanding!

You can develop and expand your personality by keeping step with the worlds affairs. Keep informed. Find out all you can that is of interest about the people you have met or are to meet, so youll have much more in common to talk about. You never know what a new friend or prospect may be interested in, and its sometimes necessary to get his attention or your break through entirely irrelevant subjects.

You cant always start a conversation about the weather or your aches and pains. Read the newspapers, current periodicals, listen to important radio newscasts and television commentators.

Use your eyes and ears.


Be sure youre up-to-date. I dont mean to cover every detail of a murder or a suicide, but get a digest of the days activities, at home and abroad.

It will enlarge your perspective. Never forget knowledge is power! That may sound like an old bromide, but, brother, its true! Who wants to listen to an uninformed, ignorant, self-centered individual? Increase your knowledge, and the scope of your activities and interests will be greatly increased, as will the desire for greater things larger things.

As your desire expands, the things which you previously thought you wanted will become to your mind trivial and will be disregarded, which is another way of saying that you ultimately will hitch your wagon to a star and, when you do, youll move with lightning-like speed! Study, learn and work. Develop a keenness of observation. Step on the gas. Do better than that: Become alive for yourself, and youll pass on this aliveness 29 to the other fellow.

Youll pep him up just by your being in his presence. Some of your magnetism will rub off on him and he will like you for it. Youve heard people say: I get a big kick out of being with so-and-so. He always gives me a lift! Get confidence, enthusiasm, let loose some of that inner fire that something and youll set up like vibrations all around you. Thats the theory of all life, as old as the world itself.

Like begets like tap, tap, tap! Im repeating that statement, and I dont care how many times youve heard it before. Perhaps if I repeat it often enough tap, tap tap! Like begets like. A laugh brings a laugh, a good deed calls for a good deed, riches beget riches, love, love you go on from there! It works! Its contagious! The old law of attraction never fails. But dont get the idea that I am giving you an over-size wishbone and all you have to do is sit down and start talking to yourself, and by using repetition, get what you want.

Its not that easy! Youve got to have the wishbone backed up with a backbone. And that isnt all. The wishbone and the backbone must be coordinated and synchronized to a point where they are operating in perfect harmony. When they are in tune, you will find personality developing.

Then put action, energy into your scheme and everything will move before you. I take it that all of us have admired that intense type of person. I mean by that, one whose shoulders are back, whose chest is out, whose head is up and whose eyes are alert.

It is easy to pick out in any organization those whose feet lag, whose shoulders droop, whose chins sag and whose eyes are a blank. Drifters, loafers, quitters. Discover your faults First, measure yourself. Then study those with whom you are associated, and you can tell, at almost a glance, those who will make progress and those doomed to failure. Are you close to that category? If you are, snap out of it! The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

William Shakespeare wrote that, as you know, and its plain to be seen, in his writings, that he knew and used this inner power in his life.

He rose high above the commonplace and won for himself an immortal niche in the literary hall of fame, through reliance upon the creative power within. Yes, the fault is in yourself, if you are not what you want to be and where you want to be. Blame not the stars.

Blame not society. Blame not the world. Blame yourself. Again I say, change gears. Get out of low and shift into high. Start picturing what you really want to be and youll start to move. Take warning that thought can operate in reverse. You can go backward through wrong thinking just as fast as you can go forward through right thinking.

This kind of reverse thinking has brought on depressions, and can bring on depressions again. If the mind of man becomes panicky, if enough individuals become obsessed with fear and greed, if the psychology of scarcity sweeps through the land, if great numbers of people become too demanding or move too strongly in a certain direction, stock market can become upset and the economy of the world can be affected. You know, when you are depressed you tend to depress those around you. When the barometer falls, its a sign of storm conditions.

A turned-down mouth has led to many turndowns. Dont carry your griefs and troubles around with you. No one wants to share them.

People have griefs and troubles enough of their own. Stop your moping! Picture yourself wrapping up your griefs and troubles in a nice little neat bundle and leaving them by the roadside. Better yet, see yourself dropping them off a bridge so theyll float away on the stream and never come back again. You say, But it cant be done! Get out from under! You cant be yourself, it is impossible to make the right impression on others, to attract good things to you, when you are staggering under a load of things that have already happened, which can no longer be helped and which cannot be cured by moping about.

If worry had the power to solve a problem, I would worry twenty-four hours a day, and Id ask you to help me. But worry, unhappily, only multiplies your troubles. Line up all the chronic worriers in the world, and they would reach almost to the moon and back.

Youve seen many men and women who look as if they were going to cloud up and rain any minute. Everything that happens to them is bad or going to be bad. Theyve temporarily lost the capacity to see good in anything.

They cant enjoy the present because they are bemoaning the past and afraid of the future. Never for one moment forget this: No matter how much you may wish, at times, to shift responsibility for your thoughts and acts to others, or to escape from the consequences of certain experiences in which you have become involved, you are living in a world of cause and effect a world in which nothing actually happens by accident and you, yourself, set up the causes by your own thinking, good or bad, for the things that happen to you!

I have proved this, time and again, in my own life, and so have you, if you will only admit it to yourself. But when Ive made this statement to some men and women, theyve said to me: Thats a frightening thought. Do you mean that I have attracted failure, economic need, ill health, dislike, loss of friends, unhappiness. And when I have told such people: Yes, if any of these conditions have come upon you, you have our own self to blame, they said, But we didnt picture these things!

No, perhaps they didnt directly. They didnt see themselves failing, running short of funds, suffering a nervous breakdown, growing unpopular, losing friends, ending up unhappy. But their mental attitudes were expressed in this kind of thoughts: Wouldnt you just know this would happen to me?

Theres no use trying I just cant do it! I dont want to meet him or her. I know I wont like them! Its just my lick to have this happen. Im always getting the worst of it.

Oh, I feel so bad, I wish I could die. Im going broke theres no way out. Yes, Im feeling fairly well today but this doesnt mean anything. Ill probably feel worse tomorrow! Arent these wonderful suggestions? Can you possibly picture, with the knowledge of mind you have now gained, how any of these thoughts could attract good? On the contrary, this kind of thinking can only bring one result. Yet, many of us, carelessly, in moments of emotional depression, give voice to such thoughts and then wonder why so many things go wrong in our lives.

Prepare yourself to face anything! We are living, as you know, in a terrific age an amazing age. To many whose minds are unprepared, it is a bewildering, frightening age. The tempo of life and developments is increasing at a rapid rate.

Things are unfolding almost too fast for the mind of man to grasp. More and more earth-shaking developments are on the way. Much that was considered impossible a few years ago has already been accomplished.


Anything may happen from now on and probably will! You must train yourself to be mentally alert, to maintain an open mind, to make contact with your creative power within, so you can adapt yourself to the changes that are coming; so you will have the insight, the understanding and the courage to meet them. You must learn how to perceive the truth to accept what appeals to your past experience, your reason and your intuition and to reserve judgment on all things with which you are unfamiliar, until you can prove them out or test them in your own life.

It is not enough for you to learn the laws of mind. You must learn how to use your mind in accordance with these laws. Youve heard the old, old adage: Faith without works is dead. You must work with yourself if you would develop the creative power within, so it can do what it has done and is doing for others.

The fortunate men and women of the world are those who know how to visualize, how to eliminate their fears and worries, how to remain inwardly calm and poised, no matter what the circumstances, how to assume a positive mental attitude, and how to retain emotional stability under pressure.

This should be your great goal in life, to realize a like attainment. It will be your only guidance and protection in this fast-moving world of today. Abandon all limited thinking! Prepare your mind now by putting aside all narrow and limited thinking.

Never say again that anything is impossible, no matter how impossible it may seem at the moment. Dont restrict and shackle your mind by small and prejudiced thinking. Free your consciousness of feelings of resentment, antagonism, hate and like emotional reactions toward others.

This kind of thoughts is keeping you from thinking straight, from getting the right perspective toward others and yourself. They are holding you back from progress, preventing your creative power form working through you. But to do this, you must gain emotional control; you must learn how to relax your physical body, how to make your conscious mind passive, and how to place the right pictures of what you desire in mind.

You must learn how to release the hold that past mistakes, now stored in consciousness, have upon you. Since like attracts like tap, tap, tap Im repeating this again! Its as simple as that, but you cant straighten yourself out, without facing your past.

Men and women say to me, But Im trying to forget my past! Alas, the mind doesnt operate that way.This book has changed my life.

And, because you think in pictures, and not in words, you mind, in its mechanical functioning, operates no differently from that of Primitive Man, who lived thousands of years ago.

He had mixed different ingredients together and had come close to a satisfactory solution, but had finally given up the project.

Out of the blue, straight from his subconscious, as though handed him on a platter, came the formula he had been seeking! Friend Reviews.